Accursed - A curse has been placed upon me because of my hubris. Now I must find a way to purge the corruption and lift this curse that weighs down my soul.

Ambition - I was apprenticed to a brilliant master before he was killed in the war. I owe him a great debt for forging me into the person I am today, and I will work hard to be the best there is at my craft.

Apotheosis - I am destined for godhood. I have risen from the dead, and now I know that even before my destiny is realized, fate bends to my will. Soon, the gods will acknowledge me as a peer.

Ascendance - I seek unquestioning admiration and respect to escape from my shameful past. If I can achieve a higher position without anyone learning my secret, then perhaps no one will believe it even if it comes to light.

Atonement - I waged war against the Kingdoms alongside the Archdruid, and the atrocities we committed haunt me still.  Now I seek to rebuild what I helped destroy and clear my conscience.

Champion - I was defeated in a duel, and instead of letting me die with honor, my opponent spared me. Now I must prove myself through single combat to be the greatest warrior this world has ever known.

Conciliation - I have witnessed terrible violence and prefer a better way. I seek to bring peace to the world through diplomacy and dialogue so that the innocent no longer have to fear war and death.

Cursed Love – My love has fallen to dark influence and has rejected me to save me. I will find a way to be with my lover, whether that means persuading them to reject the influence of evil or willingly embracing the corruption myself.

Dynasty - The kingdoms fell because our leaders were not strong enough to defend them. I will claim rulership of the land and thwart all rivals, and my offspring will rule for a thousand years. 

Exploration - I dream of discovering the lost vistas of this world and adding them to my growing map. Even at the height of the Kingdoms, there were so many lands unknown to us. Now that most of the world has been reclaimed by the wild, I seek out the places unseen by man.

Fame -  I had everything I could hope for—money, prestige, the love of my life—that is, until it was all taken from me. Now I will do anything to prove myself superior to my hated rival.

Foeslayer - I was robbed blind by a particular race/monster. Now my bitter feud with my enemies can be quenched only with blood.

Freedom - Spy, assassin: those were my trades. Not because I wanted them, but because they were forced upon me. I lived a life no one should live—until I cut my master's throat. Now I'm free, but I bear my scars still. I have sworn to free all those who bear the same.

Glory - My parents died protecting the kingdoms. Now that so much has been lost, it is up to me to lead my people back to greatness.

Greed - My spouse took my kids and left me for someone rich. I will do whatever it takes to become wealthy and rub it in their face.

Honor - When the Archdruid's monstrous horde attacked, I fled like the rest, bringing dishonor upon my clan/family. I have been given a second chance to prove my worth—I will not fail again.

Justice - I was a beloved prince/princess, but then my family betrayed me, accused me of crimes I didn't commit. Exiled, I seek to clear my name and reclaim my throne.

Knowledge - I know there is more to this world than meets the eye. I would do anything to uncover its secrets and discover the ancient artifacts of our ancestors.

Live and Let Live - I track and kill monsters for a living; I have seen the terrors of the forest and the beasts in the hills, but nothing in the wilderness is as deadly to man as he is to himself, especially when he has a "cause" to fight for. Ideals aren’t worth killing over or going to war for.

Lost Legacy – My family once held claim to noble title and lands nearby. No matter who would seek to deny my birthright, what once belonged to my family shall be ours again. 

Monument Builder – When I was a child, descriptions of lost cities and enduring monuments were my favorite part of my father's bedtime stories. Now that I am of age, I will build an inspired memorial to the Kingdoms that shall make my name immortal.

Nemesis - I have made a great enemy who seeks my ruin. This individual has the means and the power to destroy me and everything I love, so I must either hide or surround myself with powerful friends to have a hope for survival.

Power - I am in love with the heir of a family that my family despises. If I can attain more power, no one will tell me what to do.

Puppet Master – A previous battle left me with a crippling injury and a heightened sense of self-preservation. Now I crave power I can wield without drawing attention to myself.

Reformation – I have been denounced as a heretic by some of the corrupt members of my church. I must show them that the gods demand change, no matter the cost.

Stronghold - When the Archdruid attacked, all of the Kingdoms' fortresses fell—except one. I seek to emulate the majesty of Stronghold and build a bastion against which our enemies shall break like water against the rocks.

Vengeance - I tried to escape my association with an outlaw gang, but my freedom came at a terrible price: my ex-comrades found me and slaughtered my family in revenge. Having languished in self-pity for long enough, I will now bring my betrayers to justice—or slay them.


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